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do you think kagawa will be able to return his original self? i miss the old him before he went to man u.

Yes definitely he had good performances with Man Utd too, and we have seen glimpses of it in these last 2 games with BVB, we saw that exceptional through ball that led to the 1st goal against Freiburg, his take ons, dribbling, passes are still there and his nose for goal!. What he seems to lack is confidence which deteriorated immensely with Man Utd.

All of his best games with Man Utd generally is when he gets a lot of the ball, it’s the amount of passes he receives, during games that we saw Kagawa getting 40 or more he just truly shows his class, as the games go on he gets more confident (receiving passes is just a great confidence booster for him) and he just do this amazing creative stuff. Hence he dictates the play and tempo of the game really well.

That’s is also why he plays amazing with Japan NT even if he plays on the left, In Japan this what MU fans seems not to get with Kagawa, with Japan they try and look for Kagawa as much as possible to get him on the ball. One of the best example is Japan vs Italy Kagawa had 100 touches of the ball (great game albeit the result). The games that Japan NT failed to pass him the ball (he gets manned a lot) are the games they generally lose.

Another reason why he is effective in Borussia Dortmund 2 years ago, there plays goes through to him. He just makes football look easy and its infectious, hard to explain but here a video from 2 years ago.

Borussia Dortmund Best Teamplays 2012

This video is a must watch!

“Shinji Kagawa was involved in 40 goals in 70 #BVB games. Dortmund have not lost any of the last 26 Bundesliga matches with him on the pitch.” (okay he wasn’t on the pitch when we lost to Mainz LOL)

when Kagawa gets the ball, he already has a plan in works, he will bring other players into play, stretch the play, draw in the defenders etc. he always have a purpose and its to attack!

This is also Kagawa’s weakness you have to pass him the ball and get him into play that’s why he was never good at Man Utd he barely gets a pass there shameful really. Kagawa has said this too mentally he is weak.

Just need to pass him the ball then his confidence will be up to the roof… hahaha I think….

Teammates need to start trusting Kagawa if they want to win, extremely crucial that Shinji gets to dictate the play like he does 2 years ago, thats what he does best getting a lot of the balls and orchestrating the attack, KEEP CALM AND PASS TO KAGAWA

back then people kept calling him Kagawa, actually they keep calling all japanese (maybe all asian) players kagawa lol as said by that other japanese player that used to play for bayern… damn i suddenly forgot his name.

Shinji Kagawa at a park in Dortmund 2 years ago